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Essential Components of SEO Audit

Essential Components of SEO Audit

What do SEO experts do in their daily task? SEO audit is the answer. SEO audit allows more incoming information to decide for future SEO and digital marketing strategy. By analyzing essential components of SEO audit, a marketing manager or a business owner can sort out the company’s priority to improve the organic search results. SEO all over the world, including SEO Malaysia, continues to tinker with these components below:

  • Competitor research

You should begin with knowing your competitors. Being in the digital era, it is so easy to check how your competitors are doing. Check the number of their traffic, their keywords, their authority, and so on. There are a lot of tools available online to check on those numbers. After you found out how your competitors are doing, you should know the amount of effort you need to work on.

  • Crawling and indexing

Crawling is having your site being read by Google and indexing is having your web pages added to Google search results. When you are crawled and indexed, it is a sign that you are on the right track of your SEO approach. Go over to Google Search Console to check whether your site has been properly crawled and indexed or not. Check the robots.txt file to see what blocked the crawlers bot.

  • Accessibility

Accessibility issues often come from technical issues. Check whether all the pages in your site is accessible or not. All pages should load in proper speed and do not show any errors. Consider hiring experts to fix your technical issues. It is very important, because when crawler and users cannot access your page, how are you going to increase the rank itself?

  • Link analysis

Your pages should have both internal link and external link. These links should go to relevant pages with quality content. Google would check these links to determine whether your not your pages are important.

SEO Malaysia caters for SEO needs across the country. Although there are a lot of demands, there are not many SEO experts in the country yet. That is why SEO Malaysia keeps on updating their knowledge and try to educate website owners in the country.