Professional SEO agencies are often competing to make business websites to the top of the search results page. ChristChurch SEO Agency is of no exception but they are currently dominating the market with their success rates. A secret used by this agency is the method of EAT. No it’s not the ‘eat’ that you know of, instead it is an acronym for Expertise, Authority and Trust. This is used by search engines to identify whether or not it should trust a website. This method ensures that Google accurately chooses the best websites to put on top of the web page search results. So what exactly do the components of EAT do?

Expertise- This word is derived from the word expert. The dictionary definition for this is a person that is exceptionally knowledgeable in a certain area or skillful. In this way, these traits must be shown in the website so that Google can determine you are indeed an expert in the field. The information provided in the website should be relatively similar the ones of competitors. However, if you were to show Google a higher level of expertise as compared to your competition it is more likely to rank you higher.

Authority- Similar but different to expertise , authority refers to being credible to providing correct information and being reliable. As expertise refers more to the knowledge possessed, authoritativeness refers to how by using that same expert content can you make it unique and entertaining. When users are on the internet with a question they want to get their answer from the best. As there are many experts to choose from, authoritativeness tells you they are the best in the field.

Trust- As with anything, trust is an important aspect for search engines like Google. But as Google is not a person trust works in different ways with Google. Google measures trust in ways such as measuring the amount of bank links the website has. This refers to how many sites have linked your site as reference to their own work. If more sites do this, in Google’s eyes your website will seem more trustworthy.

In conclusion, to rank better in SEO it is crucial to constantly keep updating the EAT of your SEO. EAT does not only work for Google but it also improves the credibility of your brand to your potential customer which could translate to more profits.